How To Unclog Your Clogged Kitchen Sink


Kitchen sinks come in different texture like stainless, granite, marble, plastic, ceramic, glass and designs like a single tray-single bowl, double bowl, double bowl-double tray, double bowl single tray and have a tap fitted on it for water production. Water in the sink can be prevented from flowing freely if dirt like grease, hair or solid objects enter the drain pipe and cause the drain line to block. This results to germs, dirt, and odor on the bowl or surface of your kitchen sink. Here are the hand-on-hand steps to take to clean up a clogged sink.


Use this device to unblock any blockage in the drain pipe. First, you need to fill your sink bowl with halffcfcxsfscfsfs or quarter full of water. If you have a double sink ensure the adjoining drains are sealed, put the plunger suction cup on the drain opening and applying force to pull and push using both hands, do the procedure repeatedly till the water on the sink begins to flow. The blockage can be complex if the process does not unclog your sink to drain. If this happens, you can try out the next solution.

Baking Soda And Vinegar

Empty the sink bowl using a bail or cup if it is filled with clog water.By using a spatula pour one cup of baking soda into the drain opening, Block the drain using a stopper or plug and pour one cup of vinegar. Let the mixture work for five minutes, then pour three cups of hot water down the drain. Run the vinegar and baking soda process again if the sink is still blocked.

Plumber Snake

fcfxscfsfcsffsffdzdszPlumber Snake is a flexible, slender tool that is best used when neither the baking soda and vinegar or plunger doesn’t work. The Plumber Snake is effective in removing clogs further down the drain pipe by muscling its way directly against any obstruction along the drain pipe and breaks it into smaller particles or hooks it around the augers head.

Put a bucket ready before detaching the trap under the sink to catch any stray water. Empty any water left in the trap into the bucket, remove any waste from the trap and clean it. Remove the horizontal tap which connects the trap to the wall, In a clockwise direction, push and insert your auger into the stub pipe until it meets an object, as soon as it catches the clog start turning the handle anti-clockwise and slowly pull out. Then re-attached the horizontal pipe trap, remove any leftover clog by running hot water down the drain.

How To Choose The Right Window Shades For Your House


When you decide to redecorate your house, or you are moving to a new home, Choosing the right window shades for your new house rooms is any important thing to put into consideration. Many people opt to do the shade choosing as the final touch, but that is wrong.In designing an aesthetically pleasing house, window shades is one of the most important factors to put into consideration first.

There are two options one can use to decide the type of curtains you want to use. You can hire a personnel from a curtain installation company to help you, or you can choose for your self by deciding on your specific needs. Major types of window shades you can choose from are:

Curtains With A Standgfcxszfxsfsfd

They usually come in a thick satin canvas or linen and are suitable for any window type. This type of curtain is suitable for any large room in your house or your living room.

Roman Shades

They are made from single pieces of fabrics and are drawn up using a ring -like or cord mechanism; that folds on itself like a blind. This type curtains can be put on large windows as they look good on large the windows. You can opt to put them in a smaller room that doesn’t need many decors.

Australian Blinds

These are blinds that have support rings that are fastened to the cable. They are ideal for the bedrooms, kitchen, and bathroom as they came in a lightweight materials such as silk.

Cellular Shades

dxswfsfsfswfCome in many different designs, styles and generally match well with any window type. This shades have a unique design unlike other shades, they resemble honey combs provides an added insulation for your home. They can keep your house warm during winter and cool during summer as they effectively reduce energy consumption.

Quality Of The Window Shades


Consider the brand that sells well when selecting your window shades. Rely on the feedback and reviews of costumers. get to k now more on the type of curtains you are eying so that they can provide a long and better service for you.


You can find out easily on which material the curtains and blinds you want to buy are made of by simply grasping it. the material should be of a good quality.


Look if the type of curtain you want to buy can benefit your home. Is the materials cost justified by its quality? Also consider if it lives up to the features when installed in your home.